5 Simple Tips For Using bbcor bat on baseball game

BBCOR is an abbreviation for “Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution”. It is a bat performance standard created by the National Collegiate Athletic Commission (NCAA) and National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), as it has been deemed that the previous BESR standard (Bat Exit Speed Ratio) too dangerous due to the fact that line drives from metal bats leave pitchers with no time to reach than with wood bats.

Tips For Using bbcor bat

Also, baseballs travel at extremely high speeds when swung at with a metal bat, much higher than what a wooden bat can achieve.Take the case of Gunnar Sandberg who got hit by a line drive following his pitch. The teen has to be put in induced coma in order to undergo an operation due to head trauma.

The safer BBCOR standards aim for the safety of the pitchers, as balls hit by best BBCOR bats tend to have their speeds reduced by about 5% than with BESR standard ones. However, due to the new regulation, there has been a large drop in offensive statistics.
Because the game changed based on technique, rather than equipment, here are 5 simple tips for using BBCOR bats on a baseball game:

Practicing with wooden bats

The game does not really start at the start of the program. In truth, part of the outcome has already been decided during training! In order to make up for the decrease in speed when hitting the ball, players are advised to practice using wooden bats.

Practicing with wooden bats

BBCOR bats simulate wooden baseball bats, producing lesser speed. This way, players would be more adjusted in transitioning to BBCOR from the BESR standard. Also, make sure you are comfortable with the size and weight of the bat you are using.

Work your muscles

The game has changed from equipment to technique. In playing with BBCOR bats, it is important to note that previous metal bats carry more weight when swinging and this contributes to the inertia of the bat and the overall power of the swing.

BBCOR bat mechanics are different; they require the usage of the player’s large muscle group such as in the hips and in the butt. By loosening the hands, torque of the hips’ rotation will carry the bat head into the ball in a whip-like fashion.

Trust your baseball instincts

Trust your baseball instincts

There is no point in trying to focus on the ball. Too much focus and you won’t be able to hit the on-coming ball, or you may just be able hit it barely or in a wimpy fashion. Sometimes, you just have to let go and let the swing do the work. You have practiced for the game; you have batted hundreds and hundreds of times. Trust in the swing you have worked your ass on for so long.

Practice your stance

This is in relation to tip number two If you want to hit the baseball square in the sweet spot, it is important to determine which stance you are most comfortable on There is no point in trying to adjust so much to tips online in how to align your body and the like. By lots of practice, you will be able to determine what position you will most be able to hit the ball.

Learn to Adapt

Learning to adapt in the heat of the game is the trick to winning it In order to be able to hit properly, you must first observe the pitching style of the opposing pitcher. Consider how he throws the ball and make adjustments accordingly. Baseball is not just about brute strength, and with the change in standards, it has become more of a technical and strategy game.


All in all, baseball is not a one-strut win-all game. It is a sport in which you need to analyses your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses, and act to it accordingly. The proper mind set, hours and hours of training, adapting to circumstances, and using your instincts is the key to winning. The change in bat standards can only affect so much, what matters in the game is your skills and your passion.


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